Funny Birthday Cards

Birthday Hell or Birthday Heaven??

Funny Birthday Cards

Good day to you all again, I hope you have had a good few days even if they have been a bit chilly.  I have been for a brief stay in Hull not intentional as I thought I was going back to hell .... never should have trusted those two with my travel arrangements. 

However, it was not a wasted trip as Hull has a lot to offer.  The Humber Bridge is a truly amazing example of British engineering at it best and well worth a visit but to be fair that was not my highlight that was finding a great little pub called Ye Olde Black Boy which is situated in the High Street area close to the Museums Quarter and is steeped in history.  It has been around as a pub since 1729 but by all accounts in the past was also a brothel and a coffee shop (two of my must-have‘ s in my life... sex and coffee).  Back in the day, it was apparently a favorite watering hole of the poet Phillip Larkin too.  There we have it a bit of culture never was something I intentionally go looking for but all there is one quirky little place.

Anyway, that’s enough of that as it is getting far too intellectual and grown up for my tastes so I need to get back on track before I get moaned at by those two for not staying focused.  Hard sometimes though when they are away with fairies most of the time and can be a very bad influence.

Birthdays are something we all have every year at least for one day or in my case a whole week plus lead up time, yeah pretty much a month before to be honest.  I get very excited about what wit and repartee are used with the cards and gifts that I receive and also the ones that I find to give too.  As you will probably gather by now I am not one to choose some bog standard birthday card offering that you can get, I like my cards and gifts to be the only one in that design sitting on someone’s mantelpiece or shoved in a drawer somewhere gathering dust.  

Here at Twisted Gifts, we have a great range of Birthday cards and gifts to send to someone this year.  There are plenty to choose from but I am going to share with you a couple that I really like and have already earmarked who I intend to send them to this year.

Pisshead - This Birthday card just makes me laugh and I need at least two of this design to send this year and I bet you can guess who I will be sending those too I am sure!!

Funny Birthday Card - Pisshead

Grammar Nazi - This is a new card to the site that I know was designed with me in mind as that is one of many names that the graphics one calls me so I am bound to be receiving that one on my Birthday. You probably have someone in your life too that should get this card for their Birthday I know that I do!!

Funny Birthday Card - Grammar Nazi

Of course, where gifts are concerned I am completely biased and would opt for one of the fabulous mug designs that have me plastered all over them... my site, my prerogative I think don’t you!  Warm and lovely, Uranus or Stop staring which one to send or just all of them and be done with it.  Towels and cushions from the Keep Calm range are always a good thing option and will add a little bit of colour and fun to someone’s home.

Funny Towel | Get Pissed | Twisted Gifts

Anyway back to me as always.  Planning my birthday is always a fun thing - adults only, no pesky kids and alcohol is a given with the reprobates I associate with.  So this year is a ‘biggie’ and has to be celebrated or commiserated in style so calls for a little research - f**k me there is some fun to be had when you start looking at the options, experience days, themed parties, drinking tours in a variety of places around the UK, pole dancing or burlesque the choices go on and on and on.    

How do you spend your Birthday I want to hear about the worse where you have lost hours but someone always seems to have photographic evidence of what you got up to and you have those awful flashback moments.  Give me some other ideas of what to do for mine too, the funnier the better.

Pay our site a visit to see what we have to offer, you won’t be disappointed as there is lots to choose from to please or offend whichever.

Whatever you are doing for your Birthday I hope that you have a devil of a time.

Speak again soon.

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