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Tel : +44 07539 580732
Email : sales@twisted-gifts.com
Here at Twisted Gifts, we offer a unique range of greeting cards, clothing, and homeware.  Our bespoke designs range from funny to rude and offensive and are sure to make you either laugh or cry.
Our range of greeting cards cover all occasions - Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day,  Get Well Soon, Sorry, Congratulations and any other event that you can think of where a greeting card is needed.  Our aim is to provide you with products to brighten up someone's special occasion a little bit differently by being outright rude and twisted.
  We do ship worldwide but please contact us for further details of shipping to other destinations.
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About the Team

Twisted Gifts - The Artist

The Artist pulls together all the words and images to create the unique designs that we have on the website.  It is from his twisted brain that the ideas form and are produced.    Words and picture merged in harmony to be printed on cards, clothes and mugs. 
He has a wealth of knowledge and experience of graphic design and likes to use this to come up with the more quirky, dark content that you see displayed.  He also has a light side that comes out on some of the less twisted cards but don’t be fooled his head is a dark place!!


Twisted Gifts - The Developer

 The Developer is in charge of all the web development and delivery.  He ensures that everything is in the right place.  A real labour of love to ensure that each image looks perfect whether on a card, clothes or homeware.  Each precisely measured and placed to ensure the best is seen for each of the unique designs that have been produced by The Artist.  All pricing, descriptions and the tags and other things are set to give the best indexing possible for the website to be found.  Doesn’t sound like much does it but actually takes hours and is an ongoing process to make sure that the website can be the best it can. 
Furthermore to all of that he does all the analytics - checking what is selling, what pages get the most hits, why some pages are not working and then tweaking things based on the data that he has. A labour of love but mainly because he is a complete geek!


Twisted Gifts - The Optimiser

The Optimiser is responsible for ensuring that the content for the entire site is free from spelling errors, grammatically correct and easy to read.  She also writes all the descriptions for all products and support Beelze Bob to write his blogs.  The Artist and The Developer can get a little scratchy with her at times and have several names they call her but it is all worthwhile to ensure that all the pages on the website look the best that they can and can continue to be improved.