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Corona Virus (Covid 19) Lockdown

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So up until a few weeks ago I thought Corona was an awful tasting lager that was always bypassed in the supermarket and when I went for a night out but now it has a whole new connotation with the virus having a devastating impact on the entire world.  The statistics available from World Health Organisation (WHO) really highlight the significance that this has brought to pretty much every continent on this planet and the lengths that each and every Country is going to to try to keep people young and old safe as they can be.
funny birthday cards
Let’s talk about Lockdown….. From my little patch of the world we have now been in ‘lockdown’ for 21 days.  This is 21 days of no going out unless it is to get essential items of shopping (how many bottles of wine is too many for this?).  I have to ask what the hell is all the hoarding of toilet rolls about? (We have a great card for this on the site along with a few others).
funny birthday card
I can understand the hand sanitiser and plastic gloves things that can protect you but seriously as far as I am aware it does not give you the shits!! Anyway, so shopping has become a very unusual experience, whilst it seems that thankfully here you can still get most of the things that you need, to be able to get to these you have to go by yourself in a car to the local supermarket and then proceed to wear a mask and gloves and queue up to be let in by a security guard once the quota of people in the shop has reduced (one in one out).  You have to stay 2 metres away from others whilst trying to remember what you are there for in the first place.  No two people in the same aisle is permitted as none of them are 2 metres wide.  Shopping for a few bits takes hours and is exhausting.  Fuel, pharmacy and pet shops are the only other places you are permitted.  
No bars, restaurants, beaches, parks …… nothing are open and there are strict guidelines issued which if you are caught breaking you will receive a very hefty fine or if you are a persistent offender and get caught a prison sentence.  Scary times! 
So 21 days at home with the ‘other half’ who ever thought that this was going to pan out well for any of us with partners must either be single or completely wrecked all the time so they don’t notice all those lovely little traits that you don’t see when you are both working and going out and about.  Divorce courts could be in for a lot of trade once we are able to come out of this or there is going to be one almighty baby boom!!  It is amazing though what you will find to do to pass the time away, some men have been doing all those ‘little’ jobs around the house and garden that they have been putting off for years…… what will the women in their lives have to moan about once this is over.  Some have been binge watching anything and everything on Netflix and the like.  Me I have spent the time reflecting on what my life was like and what it will be like……… no of course that’s not true mainly I have been filling my days with Facebook and other trivial social media memes and rubbish until it is an appropriate time to have a glass of wine and read some more of the mistruths and scare mongering that has been going on.  
How have you been getting through this time of staying at home way more than any of us normally would?      
Now let’s talk about all of those who have Birthdays in this weird time… normally we would celebrate by going out or getting together at a house but none of this is permitted.  A friend of mine had her 21st last week and had a ‘surprise virtual party’ set up where all her friends and her got together from their respective homes and played drinking games it was a messy affair to say the least!  We have some great cards to send for Birthday’s to make someone smile even if you can’t get to see them.
funny birthday card
Lots of people have joined ‘house parties’ and ‘Rock the Lockdown’ where musicians and entertainers from all walks of life are getting together to lift people’s spirits.  I love watching these purely based on it is like ’Through the Keyhole’ into 1000’s of home which is fascinating.   
On a serious note for a change the support and care that everyone has received from health practitioners, care workers, police, firemen, shop assistants, social services workers, bin men and cleaners and the rest of a massive list is amazing.  They have scarified so much to make sure each and every one us and our loved ones are given the best change to come out of this crazy situation.    
Stay safe and for goodness sake STAY INDOORS we will get through this but we need listen to the advice we are being given!!
If we all work together we will overcome this terrible virus but if this get too difficult we can always call in Chuck
funny birthday card
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