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 Funny Father's Day Cards

Funny Father's Day Cards
Dad, Father, Pa, pop’s, Tosser, arsehole.... whatever you call your Dad, Father’s Day is celebrated the third Sunday in June.  Mother’s Day of course came first but celebrating dad’s who are present is also a good thing.  They said that Father’s Day originated in America but there is also talk that yet again this is something that goes back to Pagan times.... the more blogs I do there seems to be a theme that a majority of things seem to stem from this one way or another.
So what can we do to celebrate with our dad on their special day.... give them the day off ... let’s face it most days they have that anyway .... or is that just my dad!!  To be fair my dad is a great guy who is always there when he is needed to fix stuff and show me in precise detail how something should be done.... apart from measuring which he has never been able to get me to do accurately!   One of his favourite sayings is “it’s all in the preparation”. What are some of your Dad’s sayings that still make you smile today?
They work hard mostly so why not give them a treat this Father’s Day with one of our humorous cards in our Father’s Day Collection.  We have cards for everyone whether they are the best in the world or they leave a little to be desired.  As always below are a couple of my favourite cards from our Father’s Day Collection. Go have a look at the others on the site.
Funny Father's Day Card - Bank Of Dad 
Bank of Dad - A great card that father’s everywhere can relate to being a cash dispenser regardless of how old you are.
Funny Father's Day Card - Old And Stink
Old and stink - A cheeky card to tell your ‘old man’ how much he means to you.
Funny Father's Day Card - Found This Stone
Found this stone - A tongue in cheek card to make your father laugh this Father’s Day
Rude fathers day cards

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