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Funny Get Well Soon Cards

Funny Get Well Soon Cards

Now here’s a funny thing when I was looking to write a blog about Get Well Soon I went as always to my trusty Google to research the origins and reason that cards are sent to express that you hope someone makes a good recovery from whatever is ailing them at that time.
Interestingly there is very little available in relation to this subject that I could find so I have decided to make it up as I go along with this one adding in my own thoughts and feelings about this.
When is appropriate and not appropriate to send a get well card - if someone has an illness with a slim to no chance of recovery do you still send a card?   If they have a minor ailment that most people would work through but they are doing the dying swan routine do you send one then? We have some great cards in our Get Well Soon Collection and I have chosen a couple that I particular like.
Funny Get Well Soon Card - Man Flu
Funny Get Well Soon Card - Here For A While
It’s a mind field to say the least when it comes to ill health and it seems to be if it is a physical thing that can be seen then it is deemed ok to send a card but if it is someone’s mental health that has been affected that is still such a taboo subject and not one that should be acknowledged with a card or spoken of.  It should be in fact the very time that you put pen to paper and send that card to show the person in crisis that you are thinking of them at a difficult time in their life. That one gesture could make all the difference to that person and their recovery. This week (13th - 19th May 2019) is Mental Health Awareness week and there are lots of fact sheets available at that can offer advice and support for anyone who is struggling.
Take a look at our collection of dark, twisted cards to say Get Well Soon.

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