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Funny MOther's Day Cards

Motherhood is like being on a roller coaster without a safety harness I have been told.  No instructions are given and you always end up with spares a bit like a flat pack. 

Mother’s Day is the day that the little darlings get to show their Mother just how much she is appreciated for all that she does day in day out for no pay, long hours and a life term contract that has no get out clause.  If that was a job advert no one would want to apply let’s face it.

Mother’s Day was actually started in America by a woman called Anna Jarvis who wanted to celebrate her mother.  In the UK Mother’s Day and Mothering Sunday have been linked together hence it is celebrated on the 4th Sunday of Lent, 3 weeks before Easter Sunday. 

When I was growing up (still am to be fair) my mother used to have some great sayings that never made any sense to me but at the time I used to do exactly as told as it was not worth her wrath if I didn’t.

“Stop crying or I will give you something to cry about”. WTF if I was already crying how was this ever going to happen???

“Eat with your mouth closed”  How is that even possible how can you eat anything if you don’t open your mouth are you meant to inhale it up your nose?

“I’ll wash your mouth out with soap”  This was if I said a word I wasn’t meant to and on a couple of occasions she actually did do that - absolutely fecking disgusting.

“Bally heck”. My mother’s way of swearing but not swearing - for years I genuinely thought that was the worse it could get.  The first time I heard my Mother say fuck I nearly fell over.

Share with me what your mother used to say I am sure you all have similar stories to tell about the strange things that used to come out of her mouth from time to time.

Here at Twisted Gifts, we have a range of alternative Mother’s Day cards that you can purchase to send to your Mother. 

As always here are a couple that I particularly like to wet your whistle to have a look at the others on offer.

Dog Bollocks - A truly unique way to show your Mother how much you love her on Mother’s Day.

 Mother's Day Card - Dogs Bollocks

Greatest Achievement - A great card to be able to ‘blow your own trumpet’ on your Mothers special day as if she could forget!

 Mother's Day Card - Greatest Achivement

Mother’s are as unique as our designs and no two are the same - hurrah I hear from those of you who may not have the perfect twin set and pearls mother that advertising shows us.  The fact of the matter is that most Mother’s just about wing it to be ‘good enough’ and some don’t even rate as that.  However your Mother rates we have a card for all. 

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