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Thank Or Not To Thank - Funny Thank You Card Blog

Funny Thank You Cards

What happened to manners are they dead or alive and kicking?
Please and thank you is something you are taught from a very early age to show your appreciation for what someone has done or is going to do for you.  It was religiously drummed into you on every occasion when I was younger (yes I am that old!!)
So what about nowadays?  There has been lots of press and research done on whether there has been a decline in manners over the years. What do you think?  Do you think thanking someone is an outdated tradition or should remain an integral part of daily life marking the kindness of people to one another?
The British are known for being polite above and beyond what is always required in most cases.  However as with everything there are exceptions ...... slow drivers in the fast lane, people who think that because they only have two items at the checkout they should jump the queue and my favourite that winds me up no end has got to be holding open a door not to be acknowledged that always gets a very sarcastic NO........ THANK YOU.  That’s the thing with saying thanks it can now be interpreted as a genuine, half-truth or just downright rude and sarcastic dependent on the circumstances.
According to Wikipedia Word and Phrase Origins thank you is from the old English verb Parician which derives from Porto-German term ‘thankjan’.  This is a way to express good thoughts or gratitude.
The sending of cards goes back a long way as a way to express thanks for a deed done to help and whilst there has been a downturn in this over the years there are still certain times when only a card will do. We have a selection of thank you cards for all occasions and as always I will share with you below a couple of my favourites.

Funny Thank You Card


Funny Thank You Card

Such a simple but effective way to show your appreciation and as you can imagine our selection of cards do not do this in the normal way.  Our unique designs give you an alternative way to say thank you for many occasions. 
Thank You for taking the time to visit our site and read my blog.
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