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So we are near to Halloween and Christmas is around the corner.... quite literally it is already bloody everywhere!

Every year it gets earlier and earlier that you start to hear the joyful sounds of Christmas songs playing out of every store tannoy! 

There are two sorts of people, those who love Christmas and the planning and preparing who have their decorations up in November, start shopping for gifts in the new year sales and have  lists colour co-ordinated to ensure that they have every gift, food etc sorted.    The others are like me who put their tree up the week before and it is down before new year’s day has ended, food is kept simple but the booze flows very freely to get through the family gatherings that are always an obligatory part of Christmas regardless whether you get on or not!!

Funny Christmas Card - Twisted Gifts

So much to organise.... what food to eat, what drink to drink (all of it) and what presents to buy that won’t be opened to then be put in a drawer and forgotten until the recipient wants to do a car boot or recycle as someone else’s gift for their birthday they have forgotten.

Traditional Christmas dinner generally consists of turkey with a ton of vegetables, gravy and cranberry jelly followed up by Christmas pudding with brandy butter..... heart attack material.  We eat our body weight of food over the festive season which is basically two days and then never want to see another slice of turkey until the next year.  Of course not everyone like the big bird and will go for goose, beef or ham or all of them over this time.  Mince pies, Christmas cake, cooked breakfasts, sweets, nuts, dates it just goes on and on........... and on........

So food sorted there is then the decorating of the tree, rooms and in some cases the outside area of the home.  Personally outside lights and 8ft inflatable Santa’s and snowmen fill me with horror and look tacky and shit.  Less is more as far as i am concerned. What is your view on this? 

The worst bit for me is the gift buying. I personally prefer to buy my loved ones my gifts and cards online it is far less stressful that fighting my way through the high street, queuing forever and the general hustle and bustle of the festive rampage that you have to put up with plus I don’t really like people so win win!!

Funny Christmas Card - Twisted Gifts

Funny Christmas Card - Twisted Gifts

As always we have a great selection of cards and some fabulous secret Santa offerings to brighten up your Christmas. 

Funny Mug - Twisted GiftsFunny Mug - Twisted Gifts

Make sure that you have placed your order before 18th December to ensure delivery before the big day.


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