Rude Christmas Cards

Christmas 2020 (Lockdown Edition)

Rude Christmas Cards


Let’s face it none of us expected that our lives would be turned upside down and all the things that we take for granted, going out, going to see family and friends, meals, drinks, even the simplest things like going shopping could be affected so quickly by something called Covid-19.
When this was all happening to someone else in China at the end of last year I genuinely thought that it would all just blow over and be one of those things like before - swine flu, SARS etc etc but no this one has literally ground the world as we know it to a halt.  
Thank goodness for the technology that has expanded so much in the last thirty or so years for us to be able to order food, video call loved ones and work from home. Buying online has become part and parcel of the lives that we lead.  No need to have to take the time to get up and go out to find what you want it is all here at your fingertips anytime of the day or night.
Much more so when we all all confined to our homes with limited access to the outside world to keep us all as safe as possible not only for our health but for that of our loved ones too.
So what to do with all this free time.  Birthdays, anniversaries, making plans for Christmas if you are super organised and all available at the touch of a button.
We are all learning to live with things that we thought we couldn’t but we also want to be able to keep in touch with the ones with love to let them know that we are thinking of them and sometimes the ‘tradition’ way of sending a card or a gift is still nicer than the text, WhatsApp, email etc that is so readily available.
Now me being me I had a word with the designer and the developer to see how we could bring together a little festive spirit to make people smile this Christmas.  They did not let me down for a change and came up with a great collection of new cards to add to the already bizarre bunch that are on the site.  
As always I have chosen a few of my favourites to share with you in this blog just to give you a taster of what is available on the site for your perusal.   
Rude Christmas Card
Rude Christmas Card
Yes I know it is only August but lets face it this year more than any other we are all more inclined to get organised as there is only so much candy crush and scrabble online that you can do in a day when working from home!!  Let’s get organised before we get locked down again.  Lists on lists just like in my blog from last year.  Still relevant if a little OCD!!  



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